The Band

ANTITYPE bridge the gaps between grunge, Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park whilst injecting their musical roots into the current zeitgeist. 

ANTITYPE’s new song “Cynical Empire” explores themes of illusion, despair and the struggle to maintain a facade in this dystopian world.

The song’s haunting lyrics and emotive vocals paint a vivid picture of being trapped in a cycle of pretending and hiding the true self. “Cynical Empire” offers a raw and honest portrayal of the internal battles that many face in a society that often values appearances over authenticity.

A frozen ocean comes back to life – after every storm, calm will return. This is “Desire”.
The unstoppable power of vital energy and the pure will to achieve the seemingly unachievable!

With their new single and by far heaviest song to date “Desire”, ANTITYPE describe the tireless will to achieve your goals and never give up, no matter what obstacles you have to overcome.
Whether it’s a serious illness, grief or everyday worries, your own desire can release so much energy and strengthen your resilience that even hopeless situations can be overcome.

Listen to the highly acclaimed debut album “ETERNALLY”:

ANTITYPE - Eternally - Artwork

Over the summer 2022 the Hamburg/Berlin based new hope of alternative rock released 5 singles that showcased ANTITYPE’s great craftsmanship – picking the best moments from 90s and 2000s rock history and transforming them into fresh, modern ideas.

After the confident start with Coldplay’s “Higher Power”, which became a long-running airplay favourite on European radio stations, the band put pent-up anger and fear to music on “Freaking Me Out”, bursting with energy and drive. Followed by “Drowning” and “Reasons” and combining lyrics that venture deep below the emotional surface with a lethal punch of dirty rock production, ANTITYPE put a bold final point under their first season of releases and present their debut album “Eternally”.

This extraordinary band is made up of experienced road dogs, who don’t let up and who know very well that being in a rock band isn’t always all sunshine.

Each of them is fully established in the music industry, guitarist Rupert Keplinger (Eisbrecher / UNIVERSUM25) is a multi-platinum songwriter, singer Andreas Ohnhaus is an integral part of many Netflix productions, drummer Jörn Schwarzburger (Joachim Witt …) and bassist Christian Hon Adameit (Radio Doria…) are at home on the big stages of Europe.

The combined result has that indefinable X-factor, the ammunition for the international airplay hits, the big bang of the future.


Andreas Ohnhaus – Vocals
Rupert Keplinger – Guitar
Christian Adameit – Bass
Jörn Schwarzburger – Drums

Photos by Franz Schepers and Peter Leukhardt

Music videos in chronological order: