The Band

ANTITYPE bridge the gaps between grunge, Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park whilst injecting their musical roots into the current zeitgeist. 

Reasons - Cinematic Remix

After their debut album “Eternally” as a bold conclusion to their first season of releases, ANTITYPE do not allow themselves a break and show another surprising facet of their musicality and production skills. 

With the cinematic remix of the song “Reasons”, the highly-experienced four-piece from Germany presents not just an ordinary remix, but a completely fresh interpretation of a masterful composition that unfolds its appeal across genres.

ANTITYPE take the listener into a world full of drama, suspense and action – close your eyes and you’ll find yourself in a thrilling Hollywood blockbuster or on the battlefields of the most epic video games.

This acoustic treat is a thank you to their growing fan base for reaching a total of 100.000 streams, a first milestone with many more to follow.

ANTITYPE - Eternally - Artwork

With their debut album “Eternally”, the new hope of modern alternative rock ANTITYPE put a bold final point after their first season of releases, offering a promising outlook on their long-term plan.

As the band is made up of experienced road dogs, they know full well that being in a rock band isn’t always eternal sunshine.
The catchy chorus line of the title track “Through rainy days and storms we’ll stand as one!” is not only addressed to themselves but simultaneously to all those who struggle every single day to make their dreams come true – against all odds, just like the four musicians.

The namesake new single “Eternally” combines a thundering double bass drum riff with a finessed arrangement in their signature dynamic fashion and proves:
What ANTITYPE create is built to last “eternally and ever”.

ANTITYPE - Reasons - Artwork

After “Higher Power”, “Freaking Me Out” and “Drowning”, ANTITYPE release with their fourth single “Reasons“, another song which is bursting with energy and fat riffs, as well as thought provoking content.

“Come give me reasons to rise from the wreckage, reasons to fight for another day” is the insistent request with which singer Andreas introduces the chorus.To whom does he address this “come give me”? – to the great love, to the best friend, or directly to you?

While many of us feel left alone in this turbulent world, this appeal is to none other than ourselves – a desperate and much needed act of self-encouragement.

ANTITYPE - Drowning - Artwork

ANTITYPE don’t let up, displaying another exciting facet of their artistry with the new single “Drowning”. After the focussed wrath of “Freaking Me Out”, which is currently racking up the streaming numbers, they venture deep below the emotional surface with this latest release.

“What happens to a person when the water is literally up to their neck and they sink amidst a flood of obligations, worries and fears? Will they descend as if paralysed, or will they fight with every fibre of their being so as to return to the sea level air?”
With ANTITYPE, the music provides the answer. Packing a lethal punch of dirty rock production, “Drowning” comes around the corner with such powerful gusto that the message is clear:
“No matter how low you have already sunk, this song will pull you back to the surface!”

ANTITYPE - Freaking Me Out - Artwork

ANTITYPE bridge the gaps between grunge, Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park whilst injecting their musical roots into the current zeitgeist.
With their new single “Freaking Me Out”, the quartet cut to the core of how it feels when pent-up anger and fear can no longer be suppressed.

What can the individual call upon to help them resist the avalanche of negative headlines and pessimistic news? And what impact does the lack of humanity in our daily interactions and social media exchanges inflict on us all? Those who haven’t already relinquished their self-control have long since closed their eyes: “This is freaking me out!”

ANTITYPE - Higher Power Artwork

ANTITYPE is nothing less than the overwhelming fervour of four men who need nothing more but want it all – and give everything they have.
For this reason, they chose a cover version of Coldplay’s “Higher Power” as their first single; to remind all those, who sometimes struggle, that the higher power, that drives us forward, lies within ourselves.

With their interpretation of “Higher Power”, the band are off to a confident and propitious start. Coldplay’s globally renowned hit has been skilfully filtered through the characteristic ANTITYPE sound, thus providing a tantalising foretaste of the upcoming single releases.


Andreas Ohnhaus – Vocals
Rupert Keplinger – Guitar
Christian Adameit – Bass
Jörn Schwarzburger – Drums

Photos by Franz Schepers